The Written Word


This section is the real impetus for developing this Web site.  Anyone who has encountered the "Catch 22" world of publishing knows how frustrating it can be.  That is, the publisher doesn't want to look at the work of anyone that doesn't have an agent, and agents don't want to consider representing anyone who is unpublished.  After about a dozen attempts over the years, I decided technology would let me do it myself, simultaneously eliminating the frustration of rejection and saving the time and expense of submissions. The EPUB era has set me free.

I have never had any delusions that I could be a living-income novel writer, although I have spent my life churning out reams of technical writing. So getting something published fills only three primary requirements: it serves as a vehicle for burdening my family and friends, it provides a bit of ego building by displaying my creative efforts, and it just seems like the necessary finale to what is usually a big effort.

While I have accumulated the necessary equipment during my professional work years to quite adequately publish short stories and short essays, it is insufficient to the task of publishing ink and paper novels in any quantity, though I have published some that are very professional in appearance.  Electronic publishing is cheap, lets me realize my basic publishing goals, and doesn't rule out the serendipitous discovery of an agent willing to spend his or her time trying to find a traditional publisher for my work.


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