The recipes here are ones I worked out from scratch and enjoyed every bite of, even if some combinations were not as good as others along the way.  I learned to cook as a necessity when I was young, and as a result, I have always felt comfortable in the kitchen.  I love the creative element of cooking, but can fully appreciate why many women find it a tedious chore after having to do it every day for many years, particularly those that raise children (the foregoing notwithstanding, my wife, fortunately, is an excellent cook).  We dilatants have a different perspective.

For each recipe, I have recommended a wine or beer type or both.  I have not recommended specific wines by name because the list would change a lot from year to year and because there are already a plethora of wine recommendation lists.  However, wine and beer are much more enjoyable when paired with the right food, so I have given you my type preferences (varietal or region) to match the recipe.  Experiment.

Clicking on a topic below will get you to the top of a streaming page with all the recipes of the category on it.  Clicking on a specific recipe at the top of that page should take you right to the recipe.  Below the recipe title is a download button that provides the recipe in Portable Document Format.  It is formatted for a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 booklet sized sheet, because I keep my recipes in a small loose-leaf binder that takes this size.  You can, of course, reformat your download file anyway you want or just print it like it is.




Hatteras Island Specialties

Pistachio Clam Sauce

Basil Scallop Pasta

Grilling Fish Marinade



Red Reduction Sauce*

Quick Chicken Chili*

Beefy Chili*



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