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The poems in this section of the site are truly a life's work.  I started getting interested in poetry while in my latter years of High School and have continued off-and-on for fifty years.  As with most anyone who pursues the creative, there have been streaks of interest, streaks of style, and streaks of apathy, but the body of work turns out to be surprisingly large.  I will not bore you with all of it.  I have tried to extract representative work from each phase and interest with some idea of when it was written, since historical context is important to some of the poems.

I need to take a necessary technical moment.  To reduce the file sizes, particularly for Ways That We Love with its integrated graphics and original formatting for a booklet-sized publication in Microsoft Publisher, all the downloads are PDF files.  Everyone who regularly uses the Web has the ability to read these files, no matter what browser or computer operating system they are using.  If for some reason you are the exception, go to Adobe.com to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Poems to Download

Ways That We Love (PDF, 382 KB)

Nature and the Environment (PDF, 18 KB)

A Scattered Few (PDF, 50 KB)


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