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So far, I have written only three novels. The first novel, The Belt Connection, is fairly short by modern standards, which tend to favor lots of pages because that allows the publisher to charge more money and maintain the same fixed costs (mostly overhead and marketing) of getting the book on the shelves.  The second novel, Blind Gate, is designed to flow into the first one such that it can be published as a single book (should a paper publisher materialize serendipitously).  That is, the second novel makes no attempt to stand entirely on its own (no needless repetition), even though it is a different story about most of the same characters.

The third novel is The Shangri-La Girl, which I wrote for my granddaughter in four parts over a three year period (three birthday presents and one Christmas present.) The main character was based on her personality, and I finished the book a few days before her thirteenth birthday. It also takes place in the Gated Universe setting and utilizes characters from the first two novels, but it jumps ahead in time from 15 to 20 years (I haven't yet decided.)

I personally like series fiction where the author can continue to develop characters I have grown fond of in earlier readings; however, there are many who do not.  Whichever category fits your own preferences doesn't matter when reading the first book, since it is complete in its own content, requiring no additional reading unless you liked the characters and want to follow them on another adventure.  Similarly, the second novel ends in a mode that closes out the action of that book, but leaves most of the characters essentially in place for the next book in the series (already underway). While the second book makes no attempt to provide a precis of or engage in flashbacks to the first novel, I believe it could be read successfully on its own. The Shangri-La Girl also reads without benefit of Books 1 and 2; however, I suggest starting with Book 1, going to book 2, and then taking on The Shangri-La Girl if you have any interest in a book written for precocious pre-teens.

All of this takes me to the name for the series, which is The Gated Universe Saga.  It's a bit pretentious, but so what?  Let's see if I can live up to (and long enough for) the challenge.



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