A Trinity for Living

The Fading Legacy of 1776

On Domestic Partnerships, Civil Unions, and Marriage

Religious Indoctrination

The Ultimate Paradox and Whether Pigs Have Wings

Outsourcing American Jobs - A Plan

Hydrogen: American Energy Independence in 15 Years (download below only)

Confessions of a Bite Junky (download below only)

Self-Realization (download below only)


I started my essay writing with A Trinity for Living after it fermented for about fifteen years in the back of my mind.  It was a laborious and cathartic birth, but once I got a little distance, I was pleased with the result and resolved to write a more ambitious one.  I have completed the more ambitious essay (Self-Realization) and found it to be even more difficult, not because of the content so much as because it constantly jerked me into one digression after another.  Finally I recognized that the digressions were necessay if the readers were going to have any hope of understanding what I was saying.  That is, the new essay is big and covers so much ground that its construction needed to be carefully layered.  However,  the digressions (the other essays on this page) yielded some reasonably pithy comments on life, and I decided to clean them up to stand on their own.

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