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Welcome Page

 Web Site Introduction


The Written Word

I am in the process of converting most of my writings to EPUB format for use with eBook readers and other portable devices. These will be made available for low-price purchase from, iBookstore, and Barns and Noble websites. As these EPUBs become available, I am removing the full novel, essay, or short story and replacing it with a PDF excerpt that provides a sample of the content. When the download link is labeled as an excerpt, you will know the full work is now available from at least LuLu, the publisher. Hopefully, you will find the excerpt interesting enough to purchase the full EPUB version (at extremely modest prices.)

 Novels - The Gated Universe Saga

The Belt Connection, Book 1 (download, PDF excerpt)

Blind Gate, Book 2 (download, PDF excerpt)

The Shangri-La Girl, a four-part Gated Universe Novel. Part one

serves as the Download (PDF excerpt)


 Short Stories

Windhover (download, PDF 74KB)

Preacherís Boys (download, PDF 115KB)

Homecoming (download, PDF 177KB)

A Modest Pilgrimage (download only, PDF 122KB)

Silver Specter (download only, PDF 115KB)



       A Trinity for Living (download, PDF excerpt) - a three step guideline to a

           better life with special emphasis on the importance of personal


The Fading Legacy of 1776 - a discussion of the importance of minority

rights in the concept of freedom (Included in "Six in Anger" below)

On Domestic Partnerships, Civil Unions, and Marriage (with a small

     addition in 2012)- a narrow look at the issue of gay marriage in the

    U.S., and Included in its original form in "Six in Anger" below

Religious Indoctrination - a recollection of personal experience and

discussion of its adverse effects

The Ultimate Paradox and Whether Pigs Have Wings - a cynical view of

absoluteness in an apparently infinite universe

Outsourcing American Jobs - A Plan - a discussion of the factors driving

the outsourcing and its inevitability (Included in "Six in Anger" below)

Hydrogen: American Energy Independence in 15 Years (download only, PDF, 220KB) - a conceptual plan for securing U.S. energy independence and a lot more

Confessions of a Bite Junky (download only, PDF 67KB) - a whimsical

    look at the fisherman's attraction to the mystery of "the bite"

Self-Realization (download only, PDF 232KB) - a personal

    look at what it's all about, and how to make the most of it

Six in Anger (download only, PDF 251KB) - written and collected

    to express my anger that the noble experiment that is our country

    is being allowed to fail by the apathy of its citizens



Ways That We Love (download, PDF 382KB)

Nature and the Environment

A Scattered Few (Science Fiction) (download, PDF 50KB)



 Literary Critiques

Recommended Science Fiction Reading*

Science Fiction Book Reviews


Other Writings

An Alaskan Birthday (download only, PDF 4.8MB) - a journal of the Alaskan fishing trip given to my son

as a fortieth birthday present

Biographical Sketches*


Art, Graphics, Crafts, and In-betweens














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