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Height: 17", Width: 35", Depth: 8"

Copper plated steel wire; 3 different bronzes on the shields

Lots of these photos are from old, faded, browned, Polaroid prints made in the late seventies. As a result, they are not very sharp, nor true to color.

All of these sculptures were made from copper-plated steel welding wire. In most cases, the wire was just coated with clear acrylic after welding, leaving the burn-off and discoloration of the copper plating. All of the pieces designed to hang on the wall were done in relief, though it is difficult to see in these photos, particularly where the shadows from the flash confuse the eye. Multiple photos of each piece from a different angle would be nice, but this is all I have.

Where the information still exists, I have tried to provide the sculpture’s size with each of the photos.

All of the wire was formed by hand and eye. The only tool I used was the occasional pair of pliers when the curve was too close to the wire’s end for me to have the strength to hold it just with my fingers while bending it. I enjoyed making these sculptures with their challenge of capturing the abstract of the form in a few wire strokes. It was very much like minimalist sketching.

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