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Height: 16"



All seventeen of these flowers were designed using the repeated pattern of the cut nail.  Cut nails are made of hardened steel and are cut from sheet steel rather than being formed from wire like a common nail.  Cut nails are used to lay down tongue-and-grove hardwood floors, which are extremely hard, dense, and prone to split.  The blunt end and sharp sides of the cut nail tend to cut through the grain of the hardwood rather than spread it apart and causing a split like a wire nail would.

While most cut nails are similar in shape, different manufacturers produce slightly different looking nails, particularly in thickness-to-length ratio, head shape, and taper.  The challenge of using these repeating shapes to make abstract flower designs intrigued me, so I produced a number of different designs.  The bases are made of 24 nails, three leaves curving up and three providing a stable, three-legged footing.

The flower blooms are made of various numbers and sizes of cut nails depending on the design.  The stems and pistils are yellow bronze brazing rod.  All of the work is free-formed, using a torch and two pairs of pliers.

Sorry about the quality of the photos, but they are from old Polaroid prints and are all I have.  All of these designs are copyright protected by Jim Michie.


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