An Alaskan Birthday

This is a journal of my son Scotts' fortieth birthday present, a fishing trip to Alaska in 2003.  I thought it was clever of me to wrangle a trip in that manner, but my wife out-did me when she declred that she and my daughter would be taking a trip to Scotland for my daughter's 40th birthday.

It was a great trip.  The fishing was fabulous.  The journal is 44 pages long and has 33 photos integrated into the text.  Consequently, it is a big file (4.8M) and takes a while to download.  It was originally formatted in Microsoft Publisher in booklet format, which doesn't translate very well with all the integrated pictures into a Web-based document.  For this reason, I have made the journal available only as a download in PDF format.  Most everybody in the world that uses the internet has Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is required to view the journal in this format.  If you do not, you can download it free at  Click below to download the journal.


Download: "An Alaskan Birthday"


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